Bogue Watch Website

The Company
Bogue Watch is a waterfront residential development on the coast of North Carolina. The community offers a host of amenities, including a club house, pools, parks, a marina, fishing piers and sports facilities. 

The Challenge
The original website had many drawbacks. It was created using ASP software, a Windows proprietary software that is very difficult to use/update and requires an ASP server. This choice of software implementation greatly limited the client’s ability to modify the website. The original site was also very basic in content and scope and offered virtually no ability for interactivity for the user.

The Solution
The first step Bull’s-Eye took was to beef-up the content of the site and give the client a user-friendly platform that could be easily updated/modified through a Wordpress CMS interface. 

Bull’s-Eye also created a site that was much more interactive with the user; a major point on the client’s wish list. The new site includes an interactive map of the community. When a user clicks on a certain lot, they get up-to-date information regarding its availability, size and pricing.  The new site also integrates with social media – Twitter and Facebook.

The Results
The client was extremely pleased with the look, content and functionality of the new site. During the six months following its launch, phone activity in the sales office increased by 57% and hits to the site increased by 600%.