Audit Advantages
Auditing a brand means discovering the reputation that you already have—the perks, the pitfalls, and the competition. Our audit process illuminates brand equity and liabilities so you can know what people are really saying when you’re not in the room.

An audit's advantages are three-fold—in savings, impact, and planning. Savings because it uncovers items no longer effective....impact by pointing out small changes that can product big results...and planning because it provides awareness and a roadmap to the first step in deciding what should be.

Audit Process
We dig in to uncover the greatness already present inside an organization, though it may be hiding or lost amidst the noise. We’ll sift through all past and present marketing materials to better grasp exactly how you’ve positioned your brand to date.

Lastly, we’ll thoroughly examine the competitive market to see what the other guys are doing in your field. This comprehensive process provides a clear scope of your brand’s existing reputation—its best and worst sides, and everything in between. Call about a brand audit today or for more information: 404.352.3006.