What Makes A Great Brand Mark?

A brand mark, or logo, is a company’s central graphic identifier. It gives visual indication in the marketplace as to what product or service the buyer can receive from the supplier. What are some of the common denominators of a great mark? Simplicity is paramount. A streamlined and concise graphic image gives the company immediate identification and recognition to the prospect. An overly complex design gives a muddled impression. Instant assimilation is vital.

Adaptability is another consideration in developing a mark. How adaptable is it to multiple marketing channels? Does it work as well on a cell phone as on a billboard? Most marks require numerous versions to accommodate the wide array of marketing mediums available today.

Keep up to date with a modern mark. Contrary to popular belief, a great mark does not last forever. Current trends and styles play an important part in keeping a mark fresh and relevant. Keep up to date with a modern mark.

A great brand mark serves its company well. Create instant recognition and branding value with a mark that is distinctive, current and adaptable.