The Business Card: Your Most Important Marketing Tool

Wow! Tell me more about your business!

I attend a lot of networking events and this is the reaction that I often get when I hand out one of my business cards. We’ve all heard the saying “first impressions are everything.” When it comes to marketing your business this expression is right on target.

The business card is frequently the first point of contact that a prospect has with you and your business. With its small 2 x 3.5-inch area, the business card is your most important marketing tool. Use it to your best advantage.

What should a great business card accomplish? Well, besides supplying contact information, it should elicit your prospect to inquire further about your business. It should have eye-catching graphics that grab the eye. It should reflect the professionalism that you will bring to your product. It should also establish your business as a serious contender that warrants further exploration. A business card is far more important than only giving contact information. A good business card can directly lead to a sale.

Often times start-ups and established businesses lose potential sales by having a poorly designed business card that reflects badly on their businesses. Going to Office Depot for the $25 business card special is not to your long-term advantage when it comes to marketing your business. Save money on copy paper, not your marketing.

Invest in your business card as you would any other key asset. There is simply no investment that provides a better return. Having a well designed, professional printed business card can show dramatic return to your business bottom line—and provide that all-important “wow” factor.