ICE Logo Redesign and Trade Show Booth Graphic

Bull's-Eye just completed a logo redesign and trade show booth graphic project for Himex. The company, based out of Scottsdale, Arizona develops usage-based insurance software for corporate fleet management programs.

Himex contracted with Bull’s-Eye to work on its ICE (Intelligent Claims Environment) product. ICE modernizes the property and casualty claim handling process by leveraging proprietary connected vehicle technology to compress the claim lifecycle, including automated crash detection and notification.

The current ICE logo was dated, child-like and gave a poor first-impression of this state-of-the-art product and its parent company. Bull’s-Eye redeveloped the logo and corresponding trade show graphic to be modern, clean, and professional while representing the advanced technology of ICE.



New Windows 8 Logo As Bland As Unbuttered Popcorn

Up popped the new Windows 8 logo this weekend. Reviews have been notably negative. Critiques have pointed out numerous problems with the redesign. Some are fact based others a matter of opinion. This reinterpretation of Windows pervious logo shows a bigger issue though than first meets the eye....Microsoft just doesn’t get it. Chasing Apple’s simple elegance and cool factor is futile. The new logo is very simplistic. This is a good thing. I’m pleased to see the tied turning toward more straightforward approaches rather than the rampant overuse of gradient blends to hide a boring idea. Simplicity works when based on a clever concept. This is the same idea which wasn’t that clever to begin with. Apple’s logo is based on a clever concept hatched in the 80‘s that works to this very day.

One color approaches are all the rage. Gone are the days of the multi-colored everything but the kitchen sink color palette. Here again simple is better. But is this too simple and not any better? Does this one color illustrate Microsoft’s ho-hum corporate culture and product? Something bolder and daring might have been in order.

A typeface sets the tone for a logo. This new typeface is rather staid and boring. Sure, Helvetica has had a resurgence in the current simplistic movement but is something similar to it right for a new software product? I think not. A typeface with a bit more movement and action would have been better. Moving into the future not stuck in the past.

Microsoft is trying so hard to be cool like Apple. But as we all know, when you try too hard you often fail. The cool kids don’t try to be cool....they just are.



What Makes A Great Brand Mark?

A brand mark, or logo, is a company’s central graphic identifier. It gives visual indication in the marketplace as to what product or service the buyer can receive from the supplier. What are some of the common denominators of a great mark? Simplicity is paramount. A streamlined and concise graphic image gives the company immediate identification and recognition to the prospect. An overly complex design gives a muddled impression. Instant assimilation is vital.

Adaptability is another consideration in developing a mark. How adaptable is it to multiple marketing channels? Does it work as well on a cell phone as on a billboard? Most marks require numerous versions to accommodate the wide array of marketing mediums available today.

Keep up to date with a modern mark. Contrary to popular belief, a great mark does not last forever. Current trends and styles play an important part in keeping a mark fresh and relevant. Keep up to date with a modern mark.

A great brand mark serves its company well. Create instant recognition and branding value with a mark that is distinctive, current and adaptable.

Disc-O-Bed Office Signage

Bull's-Eye created a dynamic logo which was incorporated into the lobby signage of the new Disc-O-Bed international headquarters. Disc-O-Bed is a 22-year-old, privately-owned international company that manufactures a compact, transportable and stackable cot/bed system. They are headquartered in Duluth, GA, with their main manufacturing plant in Johannesburg, South Africa. They also have offices in Germany, China, Canada and Brazil.