Remember the Basics in Marketing

Podcasts, blogs, social media and viral marketing: it can all seem overwhelming as new marketing channels emerge. Present-day marketers have more opportunities than ever to deliver information to prospects. Before you proceed with the “next best thing,” let’s review the basics of the marketing tool kit. Basics in marketing are as relevant today as they were yesterday. The basics are time-tested, reliable forms of communication to your clients and prospects. Start with the foundation, and then build your marketing tool kit from the ground up. Stick with what’s worked for decades and then add on new emerging marketing vehicles.

Every marketer should have these essentials in his or her tool kit: brand mark (logo), correspondence package, capabilities brochure, pocket folder or media kit, print and online advertising, direct mail, presentation, trade show presence, and website, as well as a brand identity to pull it all together.

Keep up to date with emerging sale channels, but don’t forget the marketing basics. They are time tested and bottom-line approved.