3 Proven Tips for a Powerful Trade Show Event

Going to a trade show? Need to prepare a booth or upgrade your current one? Thinking about a promotion during the show? There are three ways you can increase your chances of getting maximum results. 1. Get a better booth at a lower cost - Atlanta is the worst market for buying a trade show booth. Two trade show booth suppliers have a stranglehold on the local market. Buying a booth out of state can get you a better product for less. Ask us how.

2. Less is more with booth graphics - Trade show graphics grab viewers' attention and pull them into the booth. Save the detailed product or service information for printed marketing collateral.

3. Have a contest or giveaway - People love free stuff. Grab attention and traffic with a giveaway. Whether it's a promotional item or a raffle, promotions always work. Just make sure it's related to your product or service for maximum effectiveness.

Following a couple of proven marketing techniques can assure success at a trade show. Generate inquires and sales with a great booth and a dynamic promotion.