Global Power Technologies Trade Show Table Topper Graphic

Global Power Technologies specializes in turnkey energy management solutions, including power quality audits, energy management system design and implementation, and onsite start-up and commissioning services. The company is based in Peachtree Corners, Georgia, U.S.A.

The company recently contracted with Bull’s-Eye to assist with their marketing creative communication needs in developing a trade show table top graphic. The table topper will be used during various events to visually illustrate the four distinct datacenter services the company provides. 

The graphic design with its bold use of green, was developed to reinforce the company’s brand along with the company’s 4 data center services: infrastructure monitoring, power quality diagnostics, custom dashboard, and sequence of events and alarm logs.


ICE Logo Redesign and Trade Show Booth Graphic

Bull's-Eye just completed a logo redesign and trade show booth graphic project for Himex. The company, based out of Scottsdale, Arizona develops usage-based insurance software for corporate fleet management programs.

Himex contracted with Bull’s-Eye to work on its ICE (Intelligent Claims Environment) product. ICE modernizes the property and casualty claim handling process by leveraging proprietary connected vehicle technology to compress the claim lifecycle, including automated crash detection and notification.

The current ICE logo was dated, child-like and gave a poor first-impression of this state-of-the-art product and its parent company. Bull’s-Eye redeveloped the logo and corresponding trade show graphic to be modern, clean, and professional while representing the advanced technology of ICE.



Trade Show Booths that Pack a Punch

Fall will soon be here. This signals the approach of the busy business-to-business trade show season. Now is the time to get ready for it. Is your trade show booth up to snuff? The most important part of a trade show booth is the booth itself. Is yours up to date, dynamic, eye-catching and visual? A well-designed one engages the audience and brings them into the booth. Basically it's a visual medium. Leave the content to your marketing collateral pieces. Once the prospect has been drawn into your great looking booth, then hit them with content.

Having a visual exciting trade show booth creates interest in your brand. Make sure yours is showing your company in its best light. It will pay rewards to your business’s bottom line.

3 Proven Tips for a Powerful Trade Show Event

Going to a trade show? Need to prepare a booth or upgrade your current one? Thinking about a promotion during the show? There are three ways you can increase your chances of getting maximum results. 1. Get a better booth at a lower cost - Atlanta is the worst market for buying a trade show booth. Two trade show booth suppliers have a stranglehold on the local market. Buying a booth out of state can get you a better product for less. Ask us how.

2. Less is more with booth graphics - Trade show graphics grab viewers' attention and pull them into the booth. Save the detailed product or service information for printed marketing collateral.

3. Have a contest or giveaway - People love free stuff. Grab attention and traffic with a giveaway. Whether it's a promotional item or a raffle, promotions always work. Just make sure it's related to your product or service for maximum effectiveness.

Following a couple of proven marketing techniques can assure success at a trade show. Generate inquires and sales with a great booth and a dynamic promotion.

Need to Trade Up Your Trade Show Booth?

Having recently completed a trade show booth design for a current client, I am reminded of the importance of a professionally designed display. Like a business card, oftentimes it's the first point of contact that a potential client has with your goods or services. This year I attended the SuperCom trade show and viewed some great examples of trade show design. One trade show display that I still remember to this day was from the Welsh Development Agency. It was eye-catching, clean, dynamic, and professionally executed. I watched as it also "caught the eye" of many other trade show attendees as they gravitated toward the booth.

Trade shows are all about putting your best face forward. A professionally designed trade show booth speaks volumes about your company and affects your bottom-line. Is yours up to task?